Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Weather finally broke today and temperatures slipped out of the teens and up into the low 40s; now if I can sneak out of work while there's still a tiny bit of daylight I can get on the bike OUTSIDE! YESSSSsssss.

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Monday, December 19, 2005


What is it???

What is it about "global warming" that makes Denver so doggone cold these days. It's not even the shortest day of the year yet and that spin bike in front of the TV is already getting that grungy used look to it already. The bikes in the garage are BEGGING to go outside and play, but snow, ice and daytime temperatures in the teens are saying NO.

Oh well, all the more time to pull out the bike magazines, brochures, go on web sites and check out possible rides and races for next Spring, Summer and Fall. Road? Mountain? Races? Non-racing Events? ...it's the biker's version of browsing through the seed catalogs, day-dreaming about next summer's garden.

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Monday, December 12, 2005


I'm BAAAaaaack!

Been a while since I blogged. But now I'm back; cleaned out the spam (grrrrr) and will start getting back ointo the swing of things.
Been a busy fall; plenty of travel, some biking and best of all, my fractured knee is all healed and pretty much back to normal. Now I drop the eight pounds that crept up during my reduced activity, pump the cardio back up to normal and define a few leg muscles once again, and HEY it'll be SPRING. Birds singin', trees blooming, hormones moaning... all that kind of good stuff.
Plenty of news on the bike front to share also.

Happy and best Holidays ever to everyone.


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