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OK, I'm having the wrestle with a couple of things right now, all under the header of, "Reappraising my Year." I made it to the Leadville Silver Rush 50-miler, but was sick as a dog... but still pulled an age-class win (all the fast Old Guys stayed home.)Then came the Leadville 100, one of my two major goal events for 2005 and I was so stricken with giardia that I couldn't even compete. Then comes...
...feeling better and getting my strength back in late August, followed by: "Ten Days Ago's mountain bike splat and broken knee. Next comes the 24 Hours of Moab in mid-October and the possibility that I may miss it for the first time in four years.

A definite downer of a possibility.

Question: should I just flatly rule it out at this point, allow my knee to heal well, and begin transitioning into early periodization for next year... Or should I keep Moab open as a possibility, try to train as hard as possible for the next 40 days and 'Go for it?'

One background fact to keep in mind: the Moab course has some nasty sand and rock technical sections that are pretty easy to splat on, particularly in the middle of the night when fatigue begins to grind away at you. So, skip it, or accept at least some probability of reinjuring a still tender knee?

Help!!! Please tell me what you think.

Am I just being a weeney here to even worry about this??

What's the right plan?

Right now I'm taking a wait and see approach; wait and see what healing progress my next X-rays show in a week.


Blogger David Johnsen said...

I tend to be conservative about injuries, but I wouldn't risk doing Moab. Training hard for the next month would be risky enough, and 24 hours of mountain biking is a lot to ask when you're right on the edge of your "6-8 weeks" of healing time. I don't do much off-road, but doesn't MTB stress your joints in more directions than road riding?

Be glad that you can still ride at all right now (taking it easy) and just forget about the big events until it's healed. Unless you're a pro with a lot of money on the line (and top notch support staff), it's not worth it. At least it happened at the end of the season.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Wil said...

Wow, Jack, I think I'd have to tell you to listen to your body on this one. Take it easy and let yourself heal - no sense in risking permanent injury, you know? One race, it'll be there next year, too. Don't sweat that part, I think that you should definitely rest.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Jack Jenkins said...

Thanks, guys. I have faced it, and am bagging the Moab attempt. Went to the ortho-guy yesterday and he said knee is healing really fast and should be as good as new, but that Moab would be pushing it. And since that is such a technical (some places, Scary) course, it's just not worth the risk. I want to be riding for years and years to come... and don't want to be fighting a bum knee just because I pushed it too soon.

7:03 PM  
Blogger compassioNAT said...

Good call Jack. I totally agree with wil that you should listen to your'll serve you better in the long run.

7:42 AM  
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