Sunday, September 04, 2005


Labor Day

Life is funny. I finally got over the summer's bout with giardia, had an awesome 35 mile ride along the Continental Divide last Sunday... feeling strong, enjoying good health, looking forward to 24 Hours of Moab... and, then...
... seven miles from the finish of the ride, on a level, gently twisty trail I go a bit too fast. Net result: fractured kneecap.


Oh well.

All in all, not too bad; no twists or torn ligaments. I'm gimping around pretty well, and on Tuesday I gather up my X-rays and go to sports medicine specialists in Boulder to get the real scoop. I'm thinkin' it isn't gonna be too bad. And that maybe, MAYBE, the 24 Hours of Moab (Oct. 15 & 16) will still be possible, just at a bit diminished pace and distance.

And after watching all the folks in New Orleans, I'm feeling mighty fortunate; I have no problems at all.

Though watching the painful, costly bumbling of our federal government (for whom I work) brings me pain, rage, embarrassment and frustration. The folks on the ground are doing great, heroic work while the "show horses" in Washington spout meaningless bullshit about how hard it all is.

I think of that old adage: LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.

'nuff said for now.


Blogger Caryn said...

Good luck with the 24 Hours of Moab. I'm from Moab, and it gets crazy around here that weekend! And I totally agree with you about the showboating going on with the politicians, while real people do real work on the ground.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Jack Jenkins said...

thanks, Anna... I really think I can get the knee glued back together in time... though the training between now and then may be a bit puny. This will be my fourth time: two times as part of a five-person team, a duo last yeart, and... a planned for SOLO this year. It's an awesome event. My buds, wife and I sneak over to your part of the world at least three or four times a year to bike. Nowhere does my soul more good than Moab!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Jack Jenkins said...

BTW... Anna, that's an amazing photo! Awesome.

5:22 PM  
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