Tuesday, September 06, 2005



OK, here's the deal. I went the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, got some more X-rays, talked to the 'Pros from Dover' and learned the following:
If you're going to fracture your knee cap, the best way to have it happen is vertically, not horizontally. YEA! I have two vertical fractures and no floating chunks of bone; bottom line, knee is in good shape other than the fractures; no torn ligaments, tendons, etc. So should be good to go, fully healed in six to eight weeks. Of course, I'm interpreting that to mean...

...That I can be back on my bike (road bike, at least)in three weeks if I'm careful; and 9 days have already passed. (and, yes, Katherine is looking a little askance at my math on all this!)

And for right now, spinning is OK; in fact is good therapy, as long as I don't push big loads. So at least I'll be able to do high cadence spins and get my heart rate pumpin'!

Yes, I'm a lucky guy in all this. Now what does this scenario means for my hoped-for solo attempt at Moab in mid-Oct? Haven't determined that yet; I'll get another exam and X-rays next week; see how the healing is coming.

Still haven't figured out how I slid out in the first place to set all this carnage in place though. Just tired late in day and going a wee bit fast I guess.



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